Provided by: libhugetlbfs-dev_2.19-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gethugepagesizes - Get the system supported huge page sizes


       #include <hugetlbfs.h>

       int gethugepagesizes(long pagesizes[], int n_elem);


       The  gethugepagesizes()  function  returns either the number of system supported huge page
       sizes or the sizes  themselves. If pagesizes is NULL and n_elem is 0, then the  number  of
       huge  pages  the  system supports is returned. Otherwise, pagesizes is filled with at most
       n_elem page sizes.


       On success, either the number of huge page sizes supported by the system or the number  of
       huge  page  sizes stored in pagesizes is returned. On failure, -1 is returned and errno is
       set appropriately.


       EINVAL n_elem is less than zero or n_elem is greater than zero and pagesizes is NULL.

       Also see opendir(3) for other possible values for errno. This error occurs when the  sysfs
       directory exists but cannot be opened.


       This  call  will  return  all huge page sizes as reported by the kernel.  Not all of these
       sizes may be usable by the programmer since mount points may  not  be  available  for  all
       sizes.     To    test    whether    a    size    will    be    usable   by   libhugetlbfs,
       hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size() can be called on a specific size to see if a mount point is


       oprofile(1), opendir(3), hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size(3), libhugetlbfs(7)


       libhugetlbfs was written by various people on the libhugetlbfs-devel mailing list.

                                         October 10, 2008                     GETHUGEPAGESIZES(3)