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       libavcodec - media streams decoding and encoding library


       The libavcodec library provides a generic encoding/decoding framework and contains
       multiple decoders and encoders for audio, video and subtitle streams, and several
       bitstream filters.

       The shared architecture provides various services ranging from bit stream I/O to DSP
       optimizations, and makes it suitable for implementing robust and fast codecs as well as
       for experimentation.


       ffmpeg(1), ffplay(1), ffprobe(1), ffserver(1), ffmpeg-codecs(1),
       ffmpeg-bitstream-filters(1), libavutil(3)


       The FFmpeg developers.

       For details about the authorship, see the Git history of the project
       (git://, e.g. by typing the command git log in the FFmpeg source
       directory, or browsing the online repository at <>.

       Maintainers for the specific components are listed in the file MAINTAINERS in the source
       code tree.