Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-1.1build1_amd64 bug


       loins - mbk logical instance


       The loins is used to describe an instance of the logical view of a figure.

       The   declarations   needed   to   work   on  loins  are  available  in  the  header  file
       "/labo/include/mlo404.h", where '404' is the actual mbk version.

       The following C structure supports the description of the logical instance :
              typedef struct loins {
                 struct loins     ∗NEXT;
                 struct locon     ∗LOCON;
                 char             ∗INSNAME;
                 char             ∗FIGNAME;
                 struct ptype     ∗USER;
              } loins_list;

       NEXT                Pointer to the next loins of the list.

       INSNAME             Local name of the instance. It identifies  the  instance  at  a  given
                           hierarchical  level,  so it should unique. When working on both layout
                           and netlist views of a cell, instance names should be the same on each

       FIGNAME             Name of the model of the instanciated cell.

       LOCON               Pointer  to  the  head  of  the  list  of  connectors of the instance.
                           Consistency between the connectors of the instance and the  connectors
                           of  its  model  on disk is not ensured by the parsers, because a model
                           local to the file beeing parsed is used, not  the  possible  model  on
                           disk. See locon(3) for details.

       USER                Pointer  to  a ptype list, see ptype(3) for details, that is a general
                           purpose pointer used to share informations on the instance.


       mbk(1), addloins(3), getloins(3), delloins(3), locon(3), lofig(3), ptype(3).