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       · infos = Information about the filecheck plugin is in keys below

       · infos/author = Thomas Waser

       · infos/licence = BSD

       · infos/needs =

       · infos/provides =

       · infos/placements = pregetstorage precommit

       · infos/description =

       The filecheck plugin validates files. It tests: encoding, lineendings, BOM, printable
       characters and null bytes.

       check/lineending valid/lineending When the checkLE key is present, the plugin checks the
       file for consistent line endings. If you want to validate for a specific line ending you
       can supply it with the validLE key. Valid values are: CR, LF, CRLF, LFCR.

       check/encoding valid/encoding When the checkEncoding key is present, the plugin validates
       the file encoding supplied by the key encoding, or, if not present, defaults to UTF-8

       reject/null When the rejectNull key is present, the plugin rejects the file if a NULL-Byte
       is found.

       /reject/bom When the rejectBom key is present, the plugin rejects the file if any BOM
       markers are found.

       /reject/unprintable When the rejectUnprintable key is preset, the plugin rejects the file
       if an unprintable character is present (except \r and \n).