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       · infos = Information about path plugin is in keys below

       · infos/author = Markus Raab

       · infos/licence = BSD

       · infos/needs =

       · infos/provides = check

       · infos/placements = presetstorage

       · infos/description = Checks if keys enriched with appropriate metadata contain valid
         paths as values

       This plugin checks whether the value of a key is a valid filesystem path.

       The motivation to write this plugin is given by the two paths that exist in /etc/fstab:
       the device file and the mountpoint. A missing file is not necessarily an error, because
       the device file may appear later when a device is plugged in and the mountpoint may be
       there when another subsequent mount was executed. So only warnings are yielded in that
       case. One situation, however, presents an error: Only an absolute path is allowed to occur
       for both device and mount point. When checking for relative files, it is not enough to
       look at the first character if it is a /, because remote file systems and some special
       names are valid, too.

       If the meta key check/path is present, it is checked if the value is a valid absolute
       filesystem path. If a metavalue is present, an additional check will be done if it is a
       directory or device file.