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       · infos = Information about validation plugin is in keys below

       · infos/author = Markus Raab

       · infos/licence = BSD

       · infos/needs =

       · infos/provides = check

       · infos/placements = presetstorage

       · infos/description = Validates key values using regular expressions

       This plugin is a check plugin which checks string values of Keys using regular

       The validation plugin looks for two metakeys. check/validation gives a regular expression
       to check against. If it is present, check/validation/message may contain an optional
       humanly readable message that will be passed with the error information.

       The implementation consists of a loop checking for every key if it has the mentioned
       metakey. The check itself is done by the POSIX regular expression library with the
       interface regcomp, regexec, regerror and regfree. The flag REG_EXTENDED is passed so that
       the regular expression will be compiled as an extended regular expression. REG_NOSUB gives
       a better performance and subexpressions cannot be used in this setup anyway.

   Exported Methods
       The plugin also exports the function ksLookupRE() that does a lookup in a KeySet using a
       regular expression. It starts from the current cursor of the KeySet and stops when the
       first value matches. Finally, this key is returned.

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