Provided by: aolserver4-dev_4.5.1-18.1_amd64 bug


       ns_connsendfp,    ns_respond,    ns_return,   ns_returnadminnotice,   ns_returnbadrequest,
       ns_returnerror,   ns_returnfile,   ns_returnforbidden,   ns_returnfp,   ns_returnnotfound,
       ns_returnnotice, ns_returnredirect, ns_returnunauthorized, ns_write - commands


       ns_connsendfp fp len


       ns_return status type string

       ns_returnadminnotice status msg ?longmsg?

       ns_returnbadrequest reason

       ns_returnerror status msg

       ns_returnfile status type filename


       ns_returnfp status type fileid len


       ns_returnnotice status msg ?longmsg?

       ns_returnredirect location


       ns_write string


       These  procedures provide a simple interface for returning information to the client. They
       build HTTP/1.0 headers and send the appropriate data out the socket  to  the  client.  The
       script  does not end at the time ns_return* is invoked so you can continue processing data
       after the client has gotten the data and closed the socket.

       type should be a MIME type (see ns_guesstype manual page for a list).  status is a  three-
       digit  number  fitting  the  pattern below: 1xx Informational - Not used, but reserved for
       future use.  2xx Success - The action was successfully received, understood, and accepted.
       3xx  Redirection  -  Further  action  must be taken in order to complete the request.  4xx
       Client Error - The request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled.  5xx Server Error -
       The  server  failed to fulfill an apparently valid request.  Some common status values and
       their meanings are: 201 Created 202 Accepted 203 Provisional Information  204  No  Content
       300  Multiple  Choices  301  Moved  Permanently  302  Moved Temporarily 303 Method 304 Not
       Modified 401 Unauthorized 402 Payment Required 403 Forbidden 404 Not Found 405 Method  Not
       Allowed  406  None  Acceptable  407 Proxy Authentication Required 408 Request Time-out 409
       Conflict 410 Gone 501 Not Implemented 502 Bad Gateway 503 Service Unavailable 504  Gateway
       Time-out ns_connsendfp
              This function writes len bytes of the specified channel or file to the conn.
              Sends back both the headers and the string.
              Wraps  the  text  msg  and  longmsg  in  some  html,  appends a line with a link to
              "mailto:serveradministrator" based on the virtual server parameter "WebMaster".
              Returns a 400 status code and a formatted HTML message containing the reason text.
              Wraps the text msg in some html and returns that to the client.
              Sends back the headers and the contents of the file.
              Returns a 403 status code.
              First sends the appropriate headers.  Next, it writes out the contents of file from
              the current file position until the end of the file.
              Returns a 404 status code.
              Wraps teh text msg and longmsg in some html and returns that to the client.
              Returns a redirect to the passed in location
              Returns a 401 status code
              Writes  the  string  out the connection. You can use it instead of the ns_return or
              ns_respond functions to build HTTP responses. AOLserver will not include the  usual
              headers  on  the  output  data.  The  script  does not end at the time ns_write* is
              invoked so you can continue processing data after the client has  gotten  the  data
              and closed the socket.


       ns_respond(n), ns_writefp(n)