Provided by: libupsclient-dev_2.7.4-5.1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       nutscan_add_option_to_device - Add option data to the specified device.


       #include <nut-scan.h>

       void nutscan_add_option_to_device(nutscan_device_t * device,char * option_name, char * value);


       The nutscan_device_t contains the following variables:

           nutscan_device_type_t   type;
           char *          driver;
           char *          port;
           nutscan_options_t       opt;
           struct nutscan_device * prev;
           struct nutscan_device * next;

       This is a double linked list of device. Each device is described by its type, its driver
       name, its port and any number of optional data.

       The nutscan_add_option_to_device() adds an optional data in the given devcie. Optional
       data are made of an option_name and an associated value. Copies of option_name and value
       are stored in the device, so the caller can safely free both of them.


       nutscan_scan_usb(3), nutscan_scan_xml_http(3), nutscan_scan_nut(3), nutscan_scan_avahi(3),
       nutscan_scan_ipmi(3), nutscan_scan_snmp(3), nutscan_display_ups_conf(3),
       nutscan_display_parsable(3), nutscan_new_device(3), nutscan_free_device(3),