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       reload_config_texts  -  Reloads  translated strings returned by get_config_text(). Allegro
       game programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       void reload_config_texts(const char *new_language);


       Reloads the translated strings returned by get_config_text(). This is useful to switch  to
       another language in your program at runtime. If you want to modify the `[system]' language
       configuration variable yourself, or you have switched configuration files, you  will  want
       to  pass  NULL  to  just reload whatever language is currently selected. Or you can pass a
       string containing the two letter code of the language you desire to  switch  to,  and  the
       function  will  modify the language variable. After you call this function, the previously
       returned pointers of get_config_text() will be invalid. Example:

          /* The user selects French from a language choice menu. */


       get_config_text(3alleg4), get_config_string(3alleg4)