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       reserve_voices - Reserve a number of voices for the digital and MIDI drivers. Allegro game
       programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       void reserve_voices(int digi_voices, int midi_voices);


       Call this function to specify the number of voices that are to be used by the digital  and
       MIDI  sound  drivers  respectively. This must be done _before_ calling install_sound(). If
       you reserve too many voices, subsequent calls  to  install_sound()  will  fail.  How  many
       voices  are  available depends on the driver, and in some cases you will actually get more
       than you reserve (eg. the FM synth drivers will always provide 9 voices on an OPL2 and  18
       on  an  OPL3,  and the SB digital driver will round the number of voices up to the nearest
       power of two). Pass negative values to restore the default settings. You should  be  aware
       that  the  sound quality is usually inversely related to how many voices you use, so don't
       reserve any more than you really need.


       set_volume_per_voice(3alleg4),    install_sound(3alleg4),     detect_digi_driver(3alleg4),
       detect_midi_driver(3alleg4), get_mixer_voices(3alleg4)