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       tkerror - Command invoked to process background errors


       tkerror message


       Note:  as of Tk 4.1 the tkerror command has been renamed to bgerror because the event loop
       (which is what usually invokes it) is now part of Tcl.   For  backward  compatibility  the
       bgerror provided by the current Tk version still tries to call tkerror if there is one (or
       an auto loadable one), so old script defining that error handler should  still  work,  but
       you  should  anyhow  modify  your  scripts  to use bgerror instead of tkerror because that
       support for the old name might vanish in the near future.  If  that  call  fails,  bgerror
       posts  a  dialog showing the error and offering to see the stack trace to the user. If you
       want your own error management you should directly override bgerror  instead  of  tkerror.
       Documentation for bgerror is available as part of Tcl's documentation.


       background error, reporting