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       triangle3d,  triangle3d_f  -  Draws  a 3d triangle onto the specified bitmap. Allegro game
       programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       void triangle3d(BITMAP *bmp, int type, BITMAP *tex, V3D *v1, *v2, *v3);

       void triangle3d_f(BITMAP *bmp, int type, BITMAP *tex, V3D_f *v1, *v2, *v3);


       Draw 3d triangles, using  either  fixed  or  floating  point  vertex  structures.   Unlike
       quad3d[_f](),   triangle3d[_f]()  functions  are  not  wrappers  of  polygon3d[_f]().  The
       triangle3d[_f]() functions use their own routines taking into account the constantness  of
       the  gradients.  Therefore  triangle3d[_f](bmp,  type,  tex,  v1,  v2,  v3) is faster than
       polygon3d[_f](bmp, type, tex, 3, v[]).

       Read the beginning of chapter "Polygon rendering" for a list of rendering  types  you  can
       use with this function.


       polygon3d(3alleg4), quad3d(3alleg4), triangle(3alleg4)