Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-1.1build1_amd64 bug


       unflattenlofig - creates a hierarchy level from instances of a figure


       #include "mlo.h"
       void unflattenlofig(ptfig, figname, insname, list)
       lofig_list ∗ptfig;
       char ∗figname;
       char ∗insname;
       chain_list ∗list;


       ptfig               Pointer to a logical figure

       figname             Name of the new figure (model)

       insname             Instance name of the new figure

       list                Pointer to the head of a chain_list, containing instance pointers


       unflattenlofig creates a new figure, figname, containing the instances listed in list, and
       adds it in the figure pointed to by ptfig, with the name insname.
       All the terminals of the new figure are called using the name of the corresponding  signal
       if  it  exists, or with the name of a connector connected to this signal.  The new name is
       suffixed with a number, obtained with an internal counter, in order to ensure  that  names
       are differents.


       No  errors can directly result from a call to unflattenlofig, but since it uses many other
       mbk functions, it may be a good error starting point.


       #include "mlo.h"
        lofig_list *lofig;
        chain_list *list = NULL;
        lofig = getlofig ( "rootfig", 'A');
        list = addchain (list, (void *)getloins (lofig, "nan0");
        list = addchain (list, (void *)getloins (lofig, "nor2");
        unflattenlofig ( lofig, "newfig", "newins", list);


       mbk(1),  mbkenv(3),  lofig(3),   getlofig(3),   addlofig(3),   addloins(3),   delloins(3),
       addlocon(3),   addlosig(3),   dellosig(3),   getsigname(3),   lofigchain(3),  getptype(3),
       addptype(3), delptype(3), addchain(3), freechain(3), reverse(3).