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       jazip.conf - jazip(1) configuration file.


       The /etc/jazip.conf file lists the Jaz and Zip devices that users are allowed to mount and
       unmount using jazip, along with the mount points used by jazip for each device.

       If you have more than one drive on your system, you can create a  separate  entry  in  the
       configuration  file  for  each  one, and then specify the raw device name of the drive you
       want to use on the command line when you invoke jazip.  If no device name is given on  the
       command  line,  jazip  will  use  the  settings  in  the first entry of /etc/jazip.conf by


       The format of the jazip.conf file should be  mostly  self-explanatory.   Each  line  looks

       /dev/sda /zip auto auto 0 0

       The  first  entry  is  the  raw  SCSI  device name of your drive (e.g.  /dev/sda without a
       partition number ).  The second entry is the mount point you wish to use  (e.g.   /zip  ).
       The additional entries:

       auto auto 0 0

       are  required  but are not user-changeable.  They are required because jazip uses standard
       system call to do mounting and they expect this format.

       The type of filesystem (e.g.  vfat or ext2 ) will be automatically detected by  jazip  and
       is not listed in /etc/jazip.conf.


       See  the jazipconfig(8) man page for specifics on the jazipconfig command that you can use
       to create /etc/jazip.


       jazip(1), jazipconfig(8)


       jazip Copyright (c) 1996  Jarrod A. Smith

       This manual page by Peter S Galbraith <> for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux  system
       (but may be used by others).