Provided by: ants_2.2.0-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ANTSUseLandmarkImagesToGetBSplineDisplacementField - part of ANTS registration suite


       ANTSUseLandmarkImagesToGetBSplineDisplacementField          fixedImageWithLabeledLandmarks
       movingImageWithLabeledLandmarks    outputDisplacementField     meshSize[0]xmeshSize[1]x...
       numberOfLevels [order=3] [enforceStationaryBoundaries=1] [landmarkWeights]


       we expect the input images to be (1) N-ary
              (2) in the same physical space as the images you want to

              register  and  (3  )  to  have  the  same  landmark  points defined within them ...
              landmarks will be defined from the center of mass of the labels in the input images
              .   You  can  use  ITK-snap  to  generate the label images.  The optional landmarks
              weights are read from a text file where each row is either: "label,labelWeight"  or
              "labelWeight"  or If the latter format is used, the label weights are assumed to be
              arranged in ascending order by label.