Provided by: altos_1.8.6-1_amd64 bug


       ao-chaosread - read raw noise source from chaoskey




       ao-chaosread reads ADC values from the noise source on the attached ChaosKey device.


       -s serial | --serial serial
              This selects a ChaosKey by serial number instead of using the first one found.

       -l length | --length length
              Set  the  amount  of  data  to  read.  Suffixes 'k', 'M' and 'G' are supported. The
              default is 1k.

       -i | --infinite
              Read an unlimited amount of data.

       -b | --bytes
              For each 16-bit value read, output bits 1-8 as a byte, don't output bit 0  or  bits
              9-15 at all.

       -c | --cooked
              Read  whitened data from the device. The default is to read raw data from the noise

       -r | --raw
              Read raw data from the noise source. This is the default.

       -f | --flash
              Read the contents of flash memory on the device. This loops through  flash  memory,
              so  you  can  read  the  contents  more  than once, but there's no way to reset the
              pointer back to the start other than making sure you read the whole contents.


       ao-chaosread reads noise data.


       Keith Packard

                                           ao-chaosread                                AO-LOAD(1)