Provided by: apophenia-bin_1.0+ds-7build1_amd64 bug


       apop_text_to_db - command line utility to convert a text file into a database table


       apop_text_to_db [-d delimiters] text_file table_name dbname


       If  the  input  text  file  name is a single dash, -, then read from STDIN.  Input must be
       plain ASCII or UTF-8.

       -d     the single-character delimiters to use, e.g., -d " ," or -d "\t"  (which  you  will
              almost certainly have to write as -d "\\t") (default: "|,\t", meaning that any of a
              pipe, comma, or tab will delimit separate entries)

       -nc    data does not include column names

       -n regex
              case-insensitive regular expression indicating Null values (default: NaN)

       -m     use a MySQL database (default: SQLite)

       -f     fixed width field ends: -f"3,8,12,17" (first char is one, not zero)

       -u     mysql username

       -p     mysql password

       -r     data includes row names

       -v     verbosity

       -N     a comma-separated list of column names: -N"apple,banana,carrot,durian"

       -en    if table exists, do nothing and exit

       -ed    if table exists, retain the table, delete all data, refill with the new data (i.e.,
              call 'delete * from your_table')

       -eo    if  table  exists,  overwrite  the  table from scratch (deleting the previous table

       -ea    if table exists, append new data to the existing table

       -h     display this help and exit