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       as_run - as_run command


       A short usage summary.

       as_run action [ options ] [ arguments ]


       This manual page documents briefly the as_run command


       as_run --getop [options] commande[.capy]
              Return the main subroutine of a code_aster command

       as_run --getversion [options]
              - Return current release number of the development version

       as_run --get [options] obj1 [obj2...]
              Copy a source file in current directory

       as_run --show [options] obj1 [obj2...]
              Show a source file : fortran, c, python, capy, cata, histor or test

       as_run --diff [options] obj1 [obj2...]
              Show the diff of a source file : fortran, c, python, capy, cata or test

       as_run --get_export testcase_name
              Build an export file to run a testcase and print it to stdout

       as_run --make [--vers=VERS] [target]
              Build  a  code_aster version (executable, libraries, catalogues). target may be all
              or clean

       as_run --update [options] fich1.tar.gz [fich2.tar.gz...]
              Perform one or several updates of a development version

       as_run --auto_update [--vers=...] [--force_upgrade] [--keep_increment] [other options]
              Download available updates from a server and apply them to the current  development

       as_run --astk_update [options]
              Download available updates from a server and update astk/as_run itself

       as_run      --diag     [--astest_dir=DIR1,[DIR2]]     [--test_list=LIST]     [--only_nook]
              Build the diagnosis of code_aster testcases (from dir or default astest  directory)
              and write a pickled file of the result.

       as_run     --list     [--all]     [--test_list=FILE]     [--filter=...]    [--command=...]
       [--user_filter=...] [test1 [test2 ..]]
              Build a list of testcases using a list of command/keywords  and/or  verifying  some
              criterias about cputime or memory.

       as_run --ctags [--vers=VERS]
              Build ctags file

       as_run   --messages  subroutine  |  message_number  |  check  [--fort=...]  [--python=...]
       [--unigest=...] | move old_msgid new_msgid
              Operation on code_aster messages catalogues.  subroutine returns messages called by
              "subroutine".   message_number  returns  subroutines  calling  this message.  check
              returns check messages catalogues and print some stats.   move  a  message  from  a
              catalogue to another and produce new catalogues and new source files.

       as_run --sendmail [--report_to=EMAIL1,EMAIL2] filename
              Send the content of filename (may be on a remote host) to EMAIL1,EMAIL2,..

       as_run --get_infos host1 [host2 [...]]
              Return cpu and memory informations about given hosts

       as_run --run [options] profile
              Execute the execution described by the profile (default action)

       as_run --serv user@mach:/nom_profil.export
              Start an execution (calling as_run in a separate process)

       as_run --info
              Returns  informations  from astk server configuration : batch, interactive (yes/no,
              limits), compute nodes, versions

       as_run --actu job_number job_name mode
              Returns the state, diagnosis, execution node, spent cpu time and working  directory
              of a job

       as_run --edit job_number job_name mode output|error DISPLAY
              Opens output or error file on the provided display

       as_run --tail job_number job_name mode fdest nb_lines [regexp]
              Output the last part of fort.6 file or filter lines matching a pattern

       as_run --del job_number job_name mode [node] [--signal=...]
              Kill a job and delete related files

       as_run --purge_flash job_number1 [job_number2 [...]]]
              Delete files of jobs which are not in the list

       as_run --create_issue issue_file [export_file]
              Insert  a  new  issue  in  database  and  copy  attached files if an export file is

       as_run --extract_histor [--status=STAT] [--format=FORM] [--all_msg] input_file histor
              Extract the content of issues listed in input_file to histor

       as_run --close_issue --vers=VERS histor
              Fill "corrvdev" or "corrvexpl" field (depends on vers) in issues  found  in  histor
              and eventually close them

       as_run --insert_in_db [export_file]
              Prepare the profile to insert an execution into a database.


   General options
              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -v, --verbose
              increase verbosity

              run as silent as possible

       -g, --debug
              print debugging information

              disable printing of debugging information to stderr

       -f, --force
              force operations which can be cached (download,                 compilation...)

              value  of  DISPLAY  variable  (NOTE : some functions read                 it from a

              use resources directory $HOME/.astkrc_'SUFFIX'

              remote protocol used for shell commands

              remote protocol used to copy files and directories

              editor command

              login on the development server  (name/ip address is                 usually set in

   Options for maintenance operations
              filters  applied  to  the  testcases parameters :               'nom_para < valeur'
              (supported comparison <, >, =).

              Code_Aster version to used (for get, show, getop)

              Force upgrade to the next  release  (for  example  from                 10.1.xx  to

       -o FILE, --output=FILE
              redirect the result to FILE instead of stdout.

              one  or  more  directories  (comma  separated) containing               additionnal
              python source files

              use another "config.txt"  file  (only  used  for  make,                 update  and

              report only errors (but time spent by passed testcases               is included)

              one  or  more  directories  (comma  separated) containing               additionnal
              fortran source files

       -a, --all
              get all the files of the test

              root directory to install

              update a  version  increment  by  increment  and  keep                 intermediate

              keep  testcases  matching  the  given  regular  expression               (or simple

              a unigest file (for deletion)

              keep testcases using the given command and keywords.

              list of the testcases

              email address to send the report  of  a  execution  (only                 used  for

              file       containing       testlist.FILTRE       classes.      See
              [...]/share/codeaster/asrun/examples/               for an example.

              testcases directory to watch

              development version of Code_Aster (for make, update, auto_update, getversion)

       -l, --local
              files will not been searched on a server but on the local machine

              force remote files search (reverse of --local)

   Options for operations on jobs
              signal to the job (KILL|USR1)

   Options for issue tracker interface
              raise an error if issues are not in this status

              retrieve all the messages of issues

              format of generated histor file (text or html)


       /etc/codeaster default    configuration     directory     /etc/codeaster/astkrc    default
       configuration directory for astk


       The Debian Scientific Computing Team