Provided by: augeas-tools_1.10.1-2_amd64 bug


       augmatch - inspect and match contents of configuration files


       augmatch [OPTIONS] FILE


       augmatch prints the tree that Augeas generates by parsing a configuration file, or only
       those parts of the tree that match a certain path expression. Parsing is controlled by
       lenses, many of which ship with Augeas. augmatch to select the correct lens for a given
       file automatically unless one is specified with the --lens option.


       -a, --all
           Print all tree nodes, even ones without an associated value. Without this flag,
           augmatch omits these nodes from the output as they are usually uninteresting.

       -e, --exact
           Only print the parts of the tree that exactly match the expression provided with
           --match and not any of the descendants of matching nodes.

       -I, --include=DIR
           Add DIR to the module loadpath. Can be given multiple times. The directories set here
           are searched before any directories specified in the AUGEAS_LENS_LIB environment
           variable, and before the default directories /usr/share/augeas/lenses and

       -l, --lens=LENS
           Use LENS for the given file; without this option, augmatch tries to guess the lens for
           the file based on the file's name and path which only works for files in standard

       -L, --print-lens
           Print the name of the lens that will be used with the given file and exit.

       -m, --match=EXPR
           Only print the parts of the tree that match the path expression EXPR. All nodes that
           match EXPR and their descendants will be printed. Use --exact to print only matching
           nodes but no descendants.

       -r, --root=ROOT
           Use directory ROOT as the root of the filesystem. Takes precedence over a root set
           with the AUGEAS_ROOT environment variable.

       -S, --nostdinc
           Do not search any of the default directories for lenses. When this option is set, only
           directories specified explicitly with -I or specified in AUGEAS_LENS_LIB will be
           searched for modules.

       -o, --only-value
           Print only the value and not the label or the path of nodes.


           The file system root, defaults to '/'. Can be overridden with the -r command line

           Colon separated list of directories with lenses. Directories specified here are
           searched after any directories set with the -I command line option, but before the
           default directories /usr/share/augeas/lenses and /usr/share/augeas/lenses/dist


         # print the tree for /etc/exports
         augmatch /etc/exports

         # show only the entry for a specific mount
         augmatch -m 'dir["/home"]' /etc/exports

         # show all the clients to which we are exporting /home
         augmatch -eom 'dir["/home"]/client' /etc/exports


       Lenses and schema definitions in /usr/share/augeas/lenses and


       David Lutterkort <>


       Copyright 2007-2018 David Lutterkort

       Augeas (and augmatch) are distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)


       Augeas project homepage <>