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       bali-phy – Bayesian Alignment and Phylogeny estimation using MCMC


       bali-phy sequence-file1 [sequence-file2 ...] [OPTIONS]

       bali-phy help topic


       bali-phy  estimates  multiple  sequence  alignments and evolutionary trees from DNA, amino
       acid,  or  codon  sequences.   BAli-Phy  uses  MCMC  and  Bayesian  methods  to   estimate
       evolutionary   trees,   positive  selection,  and  branch  lengths  while  averaging  over
       alternative alignments.

       BAli-Phy can also estimate phylogenies from a fixed alignment  (like  MrBayes  and  BEAST)
       using substitution models like GTR+gamma.  BAli-Phy automatically estimates relative rates
       for each gene.


       For each option below, more information is available by specifying the long  form  of  the
       option as a help topic.  For example: bali-phy help alphabet

       -h, –help, –help=topic
              Display a friendly help message.  Specify –help=advanced or –help=expert to display
              more advanced options.

       -v, –version
              Print version information.

       -t, –test
              Analyze the initial values and exit.

       -V, –verbose, –verbose NUM
              Print extra output to aid in trouble-shooting.  If NUM is not specified the default
              is 1.  Values from 2 to 4 increase the amount of information displayed.

       -c filename, –config filename
              Read commands from filename before command line.


       -i NUM, –iterations NUM
              The number of iterations to run.

       -n STRING, –name STRING
              Name for the output directory to create.

       -x NUM, –subsample NUM
              Factor by which to subsample.  This option should usually not be used.

       -s NUM, –seed NUM
              Random seed.  Useful for replaying specific runs when trouble-shooting.


       -T filename, –tree filename
              File with initial tree in Newick format or NEXUS format.

       -U, –unalign
              Unalign  all  variable-alignment  partitions before starting MCMC instead using the
              supplied alignment as a starting value.


       -A alphabet, –alphabet alphabet
              The alphabet.

       -S model, –smodel model
              The substitution model.

       -I model, –imodel model
              The insertion-deletion model.

       -B prior, –branch-lengths prior
              Prior on branch lengths.

       -R prior, –scale prior
              Prior on the scale.

       -L NUMS, –link NUMS
              Link partitions.  Takes a comma-separated list of  numbers  indicating  partitions.
              For example –link 1,2,3.


       bali-phy dna.fasta –smodel GTR
              Analyze sequences in dna.fasta under the GTR model.

       bali-phy dna.fasta –smodel GTR -I none
              Perform a traditional fixed-alignment analysis with gaps treated as missing data.

       bali-phy dna.fasta amino.fasta codons.fasta -S 1:GTR -S 2:LG -S 3:M0
              Perform  an  analysis of 3 genes where each gene has a different substitution mode.
              The sequence names in all three files must be the same.


       BAli-Phy online help: <>.

       Please send bug reports to <>.




       Benjamin Redelings.

                                             Feb 2018                                 bali-phy(1)