Provided by: bd_1.02-3_all bug


       bd - quickly go back to a specific parent directory in bash


       . bd [options] directory


       bd  allows  you  to  go  to  a  parent  directory  in bash instead of typing "cd ../../.."

       You can simply type bd with starting few letters and it will auto complete  the  directory

       It can be used with other commands such as ls, ln, echo, zip, tar, etc.


       -si    It  is  not  necessary  type the full directory name (meaning starts with) and just
              give the starting few characters.

       -s     Enable case-sensitive directory name matching.


       To avoid to have to use "." and "-si/-s" every time, you can add the line  below  in  your
       .bashrc file:

               echo 'alias bd=". bd -si"' >> ~/.bashrc

       And then, do:

               source ~/.bashrc


       Using  bd  within  backticks  (`bd  <letter(s)>`) prints out the path without changing the
       current directory.

       You can take advantage of that by combining `bd <letter(s)>` with other commands  such  as
       ls, ln, echo, zip, tar etc.


               If you just want to list the contents of a parent directory, without going there, then you can use:
               ls `bd p` in the given example, it will list the contents of /home/user/project/

               If you want to execute a file somewhere in a parent directory, `bd p`/ will execute
               /home/user/project/ while not changing the current directory.

               If you reside in /home/user/project/src/org/main/site/utils/file/reader/whatever and want to change to
               /home/user/project/test, then try cd `bd p`/test


       The BD was written by Vigneshwaran Raveendran <>.

       This   manual   page   was   written   by   Paulo   Henrique   de   Lima   Santana  (phls)
       <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).