Provided by: brightnessctl_0.3.2-1_amd64 bug


       brightnessctl - read and control device brightness


       brightnessctl [options] [operation] [value...]


       -h, --help
           Print this help.

       -l, --list
           List devices with available brightness controls.

       -q, --quiet
           Suppress output.

       -p, --pretend
           Do not perform write operations.

       -m, --machine-readable
           Produce machine-readable output.

       -s, --save
           Save state in a temporary file.

       -r, --restore
           Restore previously-saved state.

       -d, --device=DEVICE
           Specify device name (can be a wildcard).

       -c, --class=CLASS
           Specify device class.

       -v, --version
           Print version and exit.


       i, info
           Get device info.

       g, get
           Get the current brightness of the device.

       m, max
           Get the maximum brightness of the device.

       s, set VALUE
           Set the brightness of the device.

       You  may specify VALUE for the set command in absolute or relative form, and as a value or
       a delta from the current value. For example:

       brightnessctl set 500
           Sets brightness to 500.

       brightnessctl set 50%
           Sets brightness to 50% of the maximum.

       brightnessctl set 50-
           Subtracts 50 from the current brightness.

       brightnessctl set +10
           Adds 10 to the current brightness.

       brightnessctl set 50%-
           Subtracts 50% of the maximum from the current brightness.

       brightnessctl set +10%
           Adds 10% of the maximum to the current brightness.


       Maintained by Mykyta Holubakha, who is assisted by other  open  source  contributors.  For
       more information about brightnessctl development, visit: