Provided by: ruby-bundler_1.16.1-3_all bug


       bundle-check - Verifies if dependencies are satisfied by installed gems


       bundle check [--dry-run] [--gemfile=FILE] [--path=PATH]


       check  searches  the  local  machine for each of the gems requested in the Gemfile. If all
       gems are found, Bundler prints a success message and exits with a status of 0.

       If not, the first missing gem is listed and Bundler exits status 1.


              Locks the Gemfile(5) before running the command.

              Use the specified gemfile instead of the Gemfile(5)

       --path Specify a different path than  the  system  default  ($BUNDLE_PATH  or  $GEM_HOME).
              Bundler will remember this value for future installs on this machine.

                                            July 2018                             BUNDLE-CHECK(1)