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       bup-import-duplicity - import duplicity backups


       bup-import-duplicity is EXPERIMENTAL (proceed with caution)


       bup import-duplicity [-n] <source-url> <save-name>


       bup import-duplicity  imports  all  of  the  duplicity  backups at source-url into bup via
       bup save -n save-name.  The bup saves will have the same timestamps (via  bup save --date)
       as the original backups.

       Because this command operates by restoring each duplicity backup to a temporary directory,
       the extent to which the metadata is preserved will depend on the  characteristics  of  the
       underlying  filesystem,  whether  or  not  you  run  import-duplicity  as  root  (or under
       fakeroot(1)), etc.

       Note         that         this         command          will          use          mkdtemp
       (   to  create  temporary
       directories, which means that it should respect any  TEMPDIR,  TEMP,  or  TMP  environment
       variable  settings.   Make  sure  that  the  relevant  filesystem has enough space for the
       largest duplicity backup being imported.

       Since all invocations of duplicity use a temporary --archive-dir, import-duplicity  should
       not affect ~/.cache/duplicity.


              don't do anything; just print out what would be done


              $ bup import-duplicity file:///duplicity/src/ legacy-duplicity


       Part of the bup(1) suite.


       Zoran Zaric <>, Rob Browning <>.