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       condor_qedit modify - job attributes


       condor_qedit [-debug] [-n schedd-name] [-pool pool-name] {cluster  | cluster.proc  | owner
       | -constraint constraint}attribute-nameattribute-value...


       condor_qeditmodifies job  ClassAd  attributes  of  queued  HTCondor  jobs.  The  jobs  are
       specified  either by cluster number, job ID, owner, or by a ClassAd constraint expression.
       The attribute-valuemay be any ClassAd expression. String expressions must be surrounded by
       double quotes. Multiple attribute value pairs may be listed on the same command line.

       To  ensure  security  and  correctness,  condor_qeditwill  not  allow  modification of the
       following ClassAd attributes:

          *  Owner

          *  ClusterId

          *  ProcId

          *  MyType

          *  TargetType

          *  JobStatus

       Since  JobStatus may not be changed with condor_qedit, use condor_holdto place  a  job  in
       the  hold  state,  and  use  condor_releaseto release a held job, instead of attempting to
       modify  JobStatus directly.

       If a job is currently running, modified attributes for that job will not  affect  the  job
       until  it  restarts. As an example, for  PeriodicRemove to affect when a currently running
       job will be removed from the queue, that job must first be  evicted  from  a  machine  and
       returned  to  the  queue.  The  same  is  true  for  other  periodic  expressions, such as
       PeriodicHold and  PeriodicRelease .

       condor_qeditvalidates both attribute names and  attribute  values,  checking  for  correct
       ClassAd  syntax.  An  error  message is printed, and no attribute is set or changed if the
       name or value is invalid.



          Causes debugging information to be sent  to   stderr  ,  based  on  the  value  of  the
          configuration variable  TOOL_DEBUG .

       -n schedd-name

          Modify job attributes in the queue of the specified schedd

       -pool pool-name

          Modify job attributes in the queue of the schedd specified in the specified pool


       % condor_qedit  -name -pool 249.0 answer 42
       Set attribute "answer".
       % condor_qedit  -name perdita 1849.0 In '"myinput"'
       Set attribute "In".
       % condor_qedit  jbasney NiceUser TRUE
       Set attribute "NiceUser".
       %  condor_qedit   -constraint 'JobUniverse == 1' Requirements '(Arch == "INTEL") && (OpSys
       == "SOLARIS26") && (Disk >= ExecutableSize) && (VirtualMemory >= ImageSize)'
       Set attribute "Requirements".

General Remarks

       A job's ClassAd attributes may be viewed with

        condor_q -long

Exit Status

       condor_qeditwill exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success, and it will exit  with
       the value 1 (one) upon failure.


       Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison


       Copyright   (C)   1990-2016  Center  for  High  Throughput  Computing,  Computer  Sciences
       Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. All  Rights  Reserved.  Licensed
       under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

                                            April 2018                            condor_qedit(1)