Provided by: bitseq_0.7.5+dfsg-3ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       convertSamples - convert or normalize MCMC expression samples


       convertSamples -a <action> -o <outFileName>  [OPTIONS] [sampleFile]


       Converts or normalizes MCMC expression samples.

              [sampleFile] should contain transposed MCMC samples.



              Show this help information.


              Total number of aligned reads. Or a normalization constant, when normalizing.

       -a <action> ,   --action=<action>

              Action to perform options:

              T2R  -  theta  to rpkm R2T - rpkm to theta T2RL - theta to log-rpkm C2R - counts to
              rpkm R2C - rpkm 2 counts NORM - normalize (samples are multiplied by Nmap)  LOGNORM
              - log+normalize (samples are multiplied by Nmap and logged).

       -o <outFileName> ,   --outFile=<outFileName>

              Name of the output file.

       -t <trInfoFileName> ,   --trInfoFile=<trInfoFileName>

              File containing transcript information.

       -v ,   --verbose

              Verbose output. (default: Off)