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       debrepro - reproducibility tester for Debian packages


       debrepro [OPTIONS] [SOURCEDIR]


       debrepro will build a given source directory twice, with a set of variations between the
       first and the second build, and compare the produced binary packages. If diffoscope is
       installed, it is used to compare non-matching binaries. If disorderfs is installed, it is
       used during the build to inject non-determinism in filesystem listing operations.

       SOURCEDIR must be a directory containing an unpacked Debian source package. If SOURCEDIR
       is omitted, the current directory is assumed.


       At the very end of a build, debrepro will inform the location of the output directory
       where the build artifacts can be found. In that directory, you will find:

           Contains the results of the first build, including a copy of the source tree, and the
           resulting binary packages.

           Contains the exact build script that was used in the first build.

           Contains the results of the second build, including a copy of the source tree, and the
           resulting binary packages.

           Contains the exact build script that was used in the second build.

       Taking a diff(1) between $OUTPUTDIR/first/ and $OUTPUTDIR/second/ is an
       excellent way of figuring out exactly what changed between the two builds.


           The $USER environment variable will contain different values between the first and
           second builds.

           During the second build, a fake, non-existing directory will be appended to the $PATH
           environment variable.

           The builds will use different umask settings.

           Both $LC_ALL and $LANG will be different across the two builds.

           $TZ will be different across builds.

           If disorderfs is installed, both builds will be done under a disorderfs overlay
           directory. This will cause filesystem listing operations to be return items in a non-
           deterministic order.

           The second build will be executed 213 days, 7 hours and 13 minutes in the future with
           regards to the current time (using faketime(1)).


       -s VARIATION, --skip VARIATION
           Don't perform the named VARIATION. Variation names are the ones used in their
           description in section SUPPORTED VARIATIONS.

       -b COMMAND, --before-second-build COMMAND
           Run COMMAND before performing the second build. This can be used for example to apply
           a patch to a source tree for the second build, and check whether (or how) the
           resulting binaries are affected.


             $ debrepro --before-second-build "git checkout branch-with-changes"

             $ debrepro --before-second-build "patch -p1 < /path/to/patch"

       -h, --help
           Display this help message and exit.


       0   Package is reproducible.

           Reproducible here means that the two builds produced the exactly the same binaries,
           under the set of variations that debrepro tests. Other sources of non-determinism in
           builds that are not yet tested might still affect builds in the wild.

       1   Package is not reproducible.

       2   The given input is not a valid Debian source package.

       3   Required programs are missing.


       diffoscope (1), disorderfs (1),


       Antonio Terceiro <>.