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       fastboot - Android flashing and booting utility


       fastboot  [-w]  [-u] [-s device] [-p product] [-c cmdline] [-i vendorId] [-b baseAddr] [-n
       pageSize] [-S size[K|M|G]] command


       WARNING: This manual might be outdated, please refer to the official documentation.

       fastboot is a command line tool for flashing an Android device, boot an Android device  to
       fastboot mode, etc..


       -w     Erase userdata and cache (and format if supported by partition type).

       -u     Do not erase partition before formatting.

       -s device
              Specify device serial number or path to device port.

       -l     With devices command, list device paths."

       -p product
              Specify product name.

       -c cmdline
              Override kernel commandline.

       -i vendorId
              Specify a custom USB vendor ID.

       -b|–base baseAddr
              Specify a custom kernel base address (default: 0x10000000).

              Specify a custom kernel offset (default: 0x00008000).

              Specify a custom ramdisk offset (default: 0x01000000).

       –tags-offset offset
              Specify a custom tags offset (default: 0x00000100).

       -n|–page-size pageSize
              Specify the nand page size (default: 2048).

       -S size[K|M|G]
              Automatically sparse files greater than `size'.  0 to disable.

       –slot suffix
              Specify slot suffix to be used if the device supports slots.  This will be added to
              all partition names that use slots.  all can be given to refer to all slots.  other
              can  be  given  to  refer to a non-current slot.  If this flag is not used, slotted
              partitions will default to the current active slot.

       -a, –set-active[=]
              Sets the active slot.  If no suffix is provided, this will  default  to  the  value
              given  by  –slot.   If  slots  are not supported, this does nothing.  This will run
              after all non-reboot commands.

              On devices which support it,  erase  userdata  and  cache,  and  enable  file-based

              Do not buffer input or output.

              Display version.

              show this message.


       fastboot update filename
              Reflash device from

       fastboot flashall
              Flash boot, system, vendor, and (if found) recovery.

       fastboot flash partition [filename]
              Write a file to a flash partition.

       fastboot flashing lock
              Locks the device.  Prevents flashing.

       fastboot flashing unlock
              Unlocks  the  device.   Allows  flashing  any  partition  except bootloader-related

       fastboot flashing lock_critical
              Prevents flashing bootloader-related partitions.

       fastboot flashing unlock_critical
              Enables flashing bootloader-related partitions.

       fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability
              Queries bootloader to see if the device is unlocked.

       fastboot erase partition
              Erase a flash partition.

       fastboot format[:[fs type][:[size]] partition
              Format a flash partition.  Can override the fs  type  and/or  size  the  bootloader

       fastboot getvar variable
              Display a bootloader variable.

       fastboot set_active suffix
              Sets the active slot.  If slots are not supported, this does nothing.

       fastboot boot kernel [ramdisk [second]]
              Download and boot kernel.

       fastboot flash:raw boot kernel [ramdisk [second]]
              Create bootimage and flash it.

       fastboot devices [-l]
              List all connected devices (with device paths if -l is used).

       fastboot continue
              Continue with autoboot.

       fastboot reboot [bootloader]
              Reboot device [into bootloader].

       fastboot reboot-bootloader
              Reboot device into bootloader.

       fastboot help
              Show this help message.


       The Android Open Source Project.