Provided by: arch-install-scripts_19-1_all bug


       genfstab - script to generate an fstab file based on mounted partitions


       genfstab [options] root


       -f FILTER
           Restrict output to mountpoints matching the prefix FILTER

           Use labels for source identifiers (shortcut for -t LABEL)

           Exclude pseudofs mounts (default behavior)

           Include pseudofs mounts

       -t TAG
           Use TAG for source identifiers

           Use UUIDs for source identifiers (shortcut for -t UUID)

           Print the help message


       One can use genfstab to generate fstab entries for mounted partitions given a filesystem
       root. This can be useful when installing or chrooting into a broken installation.


       To generate an fstab file using UUIDs as identifiers, run:

           genfstab -U /media/testing >> /media/testing/etc/fstab

                                            2018-08-28                                GENFSTAB(1)