Provided by: asis-programs_2017-2_amd64 bug


       gnattest - Create AUnit test skeletons and harness for a project


       gnattest -Pprojname [-harness-dir=dirname] [switches] [filename] [-cargs gcc_switches]


       gnattest  is  an  ASIS-based  utility  that  creates unit-test skeletons as well as a test
       driver infrastructure (harness).  gnattest creates a skeleton for each visible  subprogram
       in the packages under consideration when they do not exist already.

       In  order to process source files from a project, gnattest has to semantically analyze the
       sources. Therefore, test skeletons can only be generated for legal Ada units.

       If a unit is dependent on other units, those units should be among the source files of the
       project or of other projects imported by this one.

       Generated  skeletons  and  harnesses are based on the AUnit testing framework. AUnit is an
       Ada adaptation of the xxxUnit testing frameworks, similar to JUnit for Java or CppUnit for

       While  it is advised that gnattest users read the AUnit manual, deep knowledge of AUnit is
       not necessary for using gnattest.  For correct operation of  gnattest,  the  libaunitV-dev
       package  should  be installed.  The appropriate version V is given in the Recommends field
       of the asis-programs package (the one containing this manual page).


       gnat(1), asistant(1), gnat2xml(1), gnatcheck(1),  gnatelim(1),  gnatmetric(1),  gnatpp(1),

       Documentation  about  the  ASIS  tools  may  be  found  in /usr/share/doc/asis-doc/ if the
       asis-doc package is installed.

       The reference documentation about gnattest, the GNAT User Guide, can unfortunately not  be
       distributed  by  Debian  due  to  license problems, but may be found in various formats at