Provided by: argyll_2.0.1+repack-1_amd64 bug


       Translate - Translate colors through an ICC profile.


       Translate colors through an ICC profile


       icclu [-v level] [-f func] [-i intent] [-o order] profile

       -v level
              Verbosity level 0 - 2 (default = 1)

       -f function
              f = forward, b = backwards, g = gamut, p = preview

       -i intent
              p = perceptual, r = relative colorimetric, s = saturation, a = absolute

       -p oride
              x = XYZ_PCS, l = Lab_PCS, y = Yxy,

       -o order
              n  = normal (priority: lut > matrix > monochrome) r = reverse (priority: monochrome
              > matrix > lut)

       -s scale
              Scale device range 0.0 - scale rather than 0.0 - 1.0

              The colors to be translated should be fed into standard input, one input color  per
              line, white space separated.  A line starting with a # will be ignored.  A line not
              starting with a number will terminate the program.