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       mag - computes TeX fontsizes and magsteps


       mag [-Rdpi] magstep . . .

       mag [-r] [-Rdpi] fontsize . . .


       delim  $$  This  tool  calculates fontsizes given magsteps.  TeXfonts are provided as true
       sized fonts or as magnifications.  The fontsize of a true sized font equals the resolution
       of  the  printer  (ex.   300).   The fontsize of a font magnified $n$ magsteps equals: 1.2
       sup{n} times 300 delim off rounded to its nearest integer value.  Fontnames for TeX  fonts
       normally  consists  of  the  name (cmr), pointsize (10), type (pk) and fontsize (360), for
       example: cmr10.360pk.


       The result of mag -R240 -2 0 0.5 1 will be:

            167 240 263 288

       The inverse function is computed with the -r option. The result of mag -r  -R240  167  240
       263 288 will be the fontsteps:

            -2 0 0.5 1

       The UNIX shells allow command substitution. One can write:

            mag -r -R240 `mag -R240 -2 0 0.5 1`


       18 December, 1989


       Piet Tutelaers
       University of Technology Eindhoven
       Maintained in TeX Live; please send bug reports or other correspondence
       to (

                                            1 Feb 2016                                     MAG(1)