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       mysql_secure_installation - improve MariaDB installation security




       This program enables you to improve the security of your MariaDB installation in the
       following ways:

       ·   You can set a password for root accounts.

       ·   You can remove root accounts that are accessible from outside the local host.

       ·   You can remove anonymous-user accounts.

       ·   You can remove the test database, which by default can be accessed by anonymous users.

       mysql_secure_installation can be invoked without arguments:

           shell> mysql_secure_installation

       The script will prompt you to determine which actions to perform.

       mysql_secure_installation accepts some options:

       ·   --basedir=dir_name

           Base directory.

       ·   --defaults-extra-file=file_name

           Additional option file.

       ·   --defaults-file=file_name

           Option file.

       ·   --no-defaults

           Don't read any defaults file.

       Other unrecognized options will be passed on to the server.


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