Provided by: python-novaclient_11.0.0-0ubuntu1_all bug


       nova - Command-line interface to the OpenStack Compute API.


       nova [ --username USERNAME ] [ --apikey APIKEY ] [ --url AUTH_URL ] <subcommand>


       nova is a command line interface to the OpenStack Compute API.


       nova actions
              Retrieve server actions.

       nova backup-schedule
              Show or edit the backup schedule for a server.

       nova backup-schedule-delete
              Delete the backup schedule for a server.

       nova boot
              Boot a new server.

       nova delete
              Immediately shut down and delete a server.

       nova diagnostics
              Retrieve server diagnostics.

       nova flavor-list
              Print a list of available 'flavors' (sizes of servers).

       nova help
              Display help about this program or one of its subcommands.

       nova image-create
              Create a new image by taking a snapshot of a running server.

       nova image-delete
              Delete an image.

       nova image-list
              Print a list of available images to boot from.

       nova ip-share
              Share an IP address from the given IP group onto a server.

       nova ip-unshare
              Stop sharing an given address with a server.

       nova ipgroup-create
              Create a new IP group.

       nova ipgroup-delete
              Delete an IP group.

       nova ipgroup-list
              Show IP groups.

       nova ipgroup-show
              Show details about a particular IP group.

       nova list
              List active servers.

       nova pause
              Pause a server.

       nova reboot
              Reboot a server.

       nova rebuild
              Shutdown, re-image, and re-boot a server.

       nova rename
              Rename a server.

       nova rescue
              Rescue a server.

       nova resize
              Resize a server.

       nova resize-confirm
              Confirm a previous resize.

       nova resize-revert
              Revert a previous resize (and return to the previous VM).

       nova resume
              Resume a server.

       nova root-password
              Change the root password for a server.

       nova show
              Show details about the given server.

       nova suspend
              Suspend a server.

       nova unpause
              Unpause a server.

       nova unrescue
              Unrescue a server.

       nova zone
              Show or edit a child zone.

       nova zone-add
              Add a new child zone.

       nova zone-delete
              Delete a zone.

       nova zone-info
              Get this zones name and capabilities.

       nova zone-list
              List the children of a zone.

   Optional arguments:
       --username USERNAME
              Defaults to env[NOVA_USERNAME].

       --apikey APIKEY
              Defaults to env[NOVA_API_KEY].

       --url AUTH_URL
              Defaults to or env[NOVA_URL] if defined.

       See "nova help COMMAND" for help on a specific command.