Provided by: astrometry.net_0.75+dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       plot-constellations - Annotates images with constellations etc.


       plot-constellations -w file | -L | -o file


       Annotates  images  with  constellations,  bright  stars, Messier/NGC objects, Henry Draper
       catalog stars, etc.


       -w file
              WCS input file

       -L     just list the items in the field

       -o file
              image output file; "-" for stdout

       -p     write PPM output - default is PNG ([-i PPM input file] OR [-W width -H height] )

       -s scale
              scale image coordinates by this value before plotting.

       -N     plot NGC objects

       -F fraction
              minimum NGC size, relative to image size (default 0.02)

       -C     plot constellations

       -B     plot named bright stars

       -D     plot HD objects

       -d     path to HD catalog

       -b N   just plot the N brightest stars

       -c     only plot bright stars that have common names.

       -j     if a bright star has a common name, only print that

       -v     be verbose

       -n width
              NGC circle width (default 2)

       -f size
              font size.

       -M     show only NGC/IC and Messier numbers (no common names)

       -G spacing
              Plot RA,Dec grid with specified grid spacing in arcmin.

       -g r:g:b
              grid color (default 0.2:0.2:0.2)

       -J     print JSON output to stderr

       -V     vertical alignment of text labels, "C"enter/"T"op/"B"ottom: default C

       -O     horizontal alignment of text labels, "L"eft/"C"enter/"R"ight, default L


       The team. Principal investigators are David W. Hogg (NYU) and  Dustin  Lang