Provided by: argyll_2.0.1+repack-1_amd64 bug


       Generate - Generate Target PostScrip file.


       Generate Target PostScrip file


       printtarg [-v] [-i instr] [-r] [-s] [-p size] basename

       -v     Verbose mode

       -i 20 | 22 | 41 | 51 | SS | i1 | CM Select target instrument (default DTP41)

              20  = DTP20, 22 = DTP22, 41 = DTP41, 51 = DTP51, SS = SpectroScan, i1 = i1Pro, CM =

       -h     Use hexagon patches for SS, double density for CM

       -a scale
              Scale patch size and spacers by factor (e.g. 0.857 or 1.5 etc.)

       -A scale
              Scale spacers by additional factor (e.g. 0.857 or 1.5 etc.)

       -r     Don't randomize patch location

       -s     Create a scan image recognition (.cht) file

       -S     Same as -s, but don't generate wide orientation strip.

       -c     Force colored spacers

       -b     Force B&W spacers

       -n     Force no spacers

       -f     Create PostScript DeviceN Color fallback

       -w g|r|s|n
              White colorspace encoding DeviceGray (def), DeviceRGB, Separation or DeviceN

       -k g|c|s|n
              Black colorspace encoding DeviceGray (def), DeviceCMYK, Separation or DeviceN

       -o k|r|n
              CMY colorspace encoding DefiveCMYK (def), inverted DeviceRGB or DeviceN

       -e     Output EPS compatible file

       -t [res]
              Output 8 bit TIFF raster file, optional res DPI (default 100)

       -T [res]
              Output 16 bit TIFF raster file, optional res DPI (default 100)

       -C     Don't use TIFF compression

       -N     Use TIFF alpha N channels more than 4

       -D     Dither 8 bit TIFF values down from 16 bit

       -Q nbits
              Quantize test values to fit in nbits

       -R rsnum
              Use given random start number

              Apply printer calibration to patch values and include in .ti2

              Include calibration in .ti2 (but don't apply it)

       -x pattern
              Use given strip indexing pattern (Default = "A-Z, A-Z")

       -y pattern
              Use given patch indexing pattern (Default = "0-9,@-9,@-9;1-999")

       -m margin
              Set a page margin in mm (default 6.0 mm)

       -M margin
              Set a page margin in mm and include it in TIFF

       -P     Don't limit strip length

       -L     Suppress any left paper clip border

       -U     Suppress CUPS cupsJobTicket: cups-disable-cmm in PS & EPS files

       -p size
              Select page size from: A4       [210.0 x 297.0 mm] A4R      [297.0 x 210.0  mm]  A3
              [297.0  x  420.0  mm] (default) A2       [420.0 x 594.0 mm] Letter   [215.9 x 279.4
              mm] LetterR  [279.4 x 215.9 mm] Legal    [215.9 x 355.6 mm] 4x6      [101.6 x 152.4
              mm] 11x17    [279.4 x 431.8 mm]

       -p WWWxHHH
              Custom size, WWW mm wide by HHH mm high

              Base name for input(.ti1), output(.ti2) and output(.ps/.eps/.tif)