Provided by: qpdf_8.2.1-1_amd64 bug


       qpdf - PDF transformation software


       qpdf [ options ] infilename [ outfilename ]


       The  qpdf  program  is used to convert one PDF file to another equivalent PDF file.  It is
       capable of performing a variety of transformations such as linearization  (also  known  as
       web  optimization  or fast web viewing), encryption, and decryption of PDF files.  It also
       has many options for inspecting or checking PDF files, some of which are useful  primarily
       to PDF developers.

       For  a  summary of qpdf's options, please run qpdf --help.  A complete manual can be found
       in /usr/share/doc/qpdf/qpdf-manual.html or /usr/share/doc/qpdf/qpdf-manual.pdf.