Provided by: zfs-test_0.7.9-3ubuntu6_amd64 bug


       raidz_test - raidz implementation verification and bencmarking tool


       raidz_test <options>


       This manual page documents briefly the raidz_test command.

       Purpose  of  this  tool is to run all supported raidz implementation and verify results of
       all methods. Tool also contains a parameter sweep option where  all  parameters  affecting
       RAIDZ  block  are  verified  (like ashift size, data offset, data size, etc...).  The tool
       also supports a benchmarking mode using -B option.



              Print a help summary.

       -a ashift (default: 9)

              Ashift value.

       -o zio_off_shift (default: 0)

              Zio offset for raidz block. Offset value is 1 << (zio_off_shift)

       -d raidz_data_disks (default: 8)

              Number of raidz data disks to use. Additional disks for parity will be used  during

       -s zio_size_shift (default: 19)

              Size of data for raidz block. Size is 1 << (zio_size_shift).


              Sweep  parameter  space while verifying the raidz implementations. This option will
              exhaust all most of valid values for -a -o -d -s options. Runtime using this option
              will be long.


              Wall time for sweep test in seconds. The actual runtime could be longer.


              This  options  starts the benchmark mode. All implementations are benchmarked using
              increasing per disk data size. Results are given as throughput per  disk,  measured
              in MiB/s.


              Increase verbosity.

       -T(est the test)

              Debugging option. When this option is specified tool is supposed to fail all tests.
              This is to check if tests would properly verify bit-exactness.


              Debugging option. Specify to attach gdb when SIGSEGV or SIGABRT are received.


       ztest (1)


       vdev_raidz, created for ZFS on Linux by Gvozden Nešković <>