Provided by: argyll_2.0.1+repack-1_amd64 bug


       Scanin, - Scanin.


       Scanin, Version 1.6.3


       scanin [options] input.tif recogin.cht valin.cie [diag.tif]

              :- inputs 'input.tif' and outputs scanner 'input.ti3', or

       scanin -g [options] input.tif recogout.cht [diag.tif]

              :- outputs file 'recogout.cht', or

       scanin -o [options] input.tif recogin.cht [diag.tif]

              :- outputs file 'input.val', or

       scanin -c [options] input.tif recogin.cht scanprofile.[icc|mpp] pbase [diag.tif]

              :- inputs pbase.ti2 and outputs printer pbase.ti3, or

       scanin -r [options] input.tif recogin.cht pbase [diag.tif]

              :- inputs pbase.ti2+.ti3 and outputs pbase.ti3

       -g     Generate a chart reference (.cht) file

       -o     Output patch values in .val file

       -c     Use image to measure color to convert printer pbase .ti2 to .ti3

       -ca    Same as -c, but accumulates more values to pbase .ti3 from subsequent pages

       -r     Replace device values in pbase .ti2/.ti3 Default is to create a scanner .ti3 file

       -F x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3,x4,y4
              Don't auto recognize, locate using four fiducual marks

       -p     Compensate for perspective distortion

       -a     Recognise  chart  in  normal  orientation  only  (-A  fallback as is) Default is to
              recognise all possible chart angles

       -m     Return true mean (default is robust mean)

       -G gamma
              Approximate gamma encoding of image

       -v [n] Verbosity level 0-9

       -d [ihvglLIcrsonap]
              Generate diagnostic output (try -dipn)

       i      diag - B&W of input image

       h      diag - Horizontal edge/tick detection

       v      diag - Vertical edge/tick detection

       g      diag - Groups detected

       l      diag - Lines detected

       L      diag - All lines detected

       I      diag - lines used to improve fit

       c      diag - lines perspective corrected

       r      diag - lines rotated

       s      diag - diagnostic sample boxes rotated

       o      diag - sample box outlines

       n      diag - sample box names

       a      diag - sample box areas

       p      diag - pixel areas sampled

       -O outputfile Override the default output filename & extension.