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       starchstrip - manual page for starchstrip 2.4.35+dfsg





              2.4.35 (typical)

              Alex Reynolds and Shane Neph

       USAGE: starchstrip [ --include | --exclude ] <chromosome-list> <starch-file>

              * Add either the --include or --exclude argument to filter the specified

              <starch-file>  for  chromosomes  in  <chromosome-list>  for inclusion or exclusion,
              respectively. Note that you can only specify either inclusion or exclusion.

              * The <chromosome-list> argument is a comma-separated list of chromosome names

              to be included or excluded. This list is a *required* argument to either of the two
              --include and --exclude options.

              *  The  output  is  a  Starch  archive  containing  those chromosomes specified for

              or what chromosomes remain after exclusion from the original <starch-file>.  A  new
              metadata payload is appended to the output Starch archive.

              * The output is written to the standard output stream -- use the output redirection

              operator to write the result to a regular file, e.g.:

              $ starchstrip --exclude chrA,chrB,chrC in.starch > out.starch

              * If a specified chromosome is not in the input Starch archive, it will be ignored

              during processing.

              * Filtering simply copies over raw bytes from the input Starch archive and

              no  extraction  or  recompression  is  performed.  Use  'starchcat'  to  update the
              metadata, if new attributes are required.

              Process                                                                       Flags
              --include <chromosome-list>     Include specified chromosomes from <starch-file>.

       --exclude <chromosome-list>
              Exclude specified chromosomes from <starch-file>.

              Show binary version.

       --help Show this usage message.


       The full documentation for starchstrip is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and
       starchstrip programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info starchstrip

       should give you access to the complete manual.