Provided by: devscripts_2.18.4ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       suspicious-source - search for files that do not meet the GPL's definition of "source" for
       a work


       suspicious-source [options]


       suspicious-source outputs a list of files which are probably not  the  source  form  of  a
       work.   This  should be run in the root of a source tree to find files which might not be,
       in the definition  from  the  GNU  GPL,  the  "preferred  form  of  the  work  for  making
       modifications to it".

       The  files  inside  version  control  system  directories  (like  .bzr/  or  CVS/) are not


       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       -v, --verbose
              Print more information.

       -d directory, --directory=directory
              Check the files in the specified directory instead of the current directory.

       -m mimetype, --mimetype=mimetype
              Add mimetype to list of white-listed MIME types.

       -e extension, --extension=extension
              Add extension to list of white-listed extensions.


       suspicious-source   and   this   manpage   have   been   written   by    Benjamin    Drung

       Both are released under the ISC license.