Provided by: swift-proxy_2.19.0-0ubuntu1_all bug


       swift-proxy-server - OpenStack Swift proxy server.


       swift-proxy-server [CONFIG] [-h|--help] [-v|--verbose]


       The  Swift  Proxy  Server  is  responsible  for  tying  together  the  rest  of  the Swift
       architecture.  For each request, it will look up the location of the  account,  container,
       or  object  in  the ring and route the request accordingly. The public API is also exposed
       through the Proxy Server. A large number of failures are also handled in the Proxy Server.
       For  example,  if  a  server  is unavailable for an object PUT, it will ask the ring for a
       handoff server and route there instead. When objects are streamed to  or  from  an  object
       server,  they are streamed directly through the proxy server to or from the user the proxy
       server does not spool them.


       More in depth documentation in regards to  swift-proxy-server  and  also  about  OpenStack
       Swift as a whole can be found at