Provided by: libvoikko-dev_4.1.1-1.1_amd64 bug


       voikkospell - test program for Voikko spell checker


       voikkospell [options]


       voikkospell  is  a  test program for spell checking functionality in libvoikko, library of
       Finnish language tools.  It reads words from stdin (one word on a line) and print them  to
       stdout, adding "C: " in front of correct words and "W: " in front of incorrect words.

       Common options of different Voikko test programs are listed in COMMON OPTIONS.


       -m     In  addition  to  spelling  result,  prints  morphological  analysis  info (A:) for
              recognized words.

       -M     Prints morphological analysis info (A:) for  recognized  words  without  displaying
              spelling result.

       -t     Prints only "C" or "W" instead of typical full output.

       -tt    Prints only misspelled words.

       -s     Prints suggestions (S:) for incorrectly spelled words.

       -cn    Set  cache  size  parameter to n.  -1 disables the cache and 0 is the default.  For
              checking large amounts of unsorted text you may want to set n to 5  to  get  better

       -j n   Use  n  threads  for  spell checking. When more than one thread is used checking is
              performed using large internal buffers which is why this mode should only  be  used
              for batch processing.

       -xc    Like  voikkospell  -s  but  output  is printed on one line separated by character c
              without "C", "W" or "S" in front of the words.  If  c  is  not  defined  words  are
              separated by space and suggestions that have spaces in them are not printed.

       -l     Prints  a list of available dictionary variants and exits. The first variant is the
              default to be used when no specific variant has been requested.

       -L     Prints a list of capabilities  and  languages  for  which  these  capabilities  are






              Set  the  value  of  the  specified boolean option.  n can be either 0 (false) or 1


       -p directory
              (voikkospell, voikkohyphenate, voikkogc) Look from directory  before  the  standard
              locations when searching for dictionary files.

       -d variant
              (voikkospell,  voikkohyphenate, voikkogc) Use dictionary variant variant instead of
              the default dictionary variant. The  variant  must  be  represented  as  a  BCP  47
              language tag.

              (voikkospell, voikkohyphenate)

              (voikkospell, voikkohyphenate)
              Set  the  value  of  the  specified boolean option.  n can be either 0 (false) or 1

       -h, --help
              Print a help message and exit.

              Print version numbers for libvoikko and the test tool.


       voikkospell and this manual page were written by Harri Pitkänen (

                                            2013-10-08                             VOIKKOSPELL(1)