Provided by: argyll_2.0.1+repack-1_amd64 bug


       Lookup - Translate colors through an xicc.


       Lookup ICC or CAL colors, Version 1.6.3


       xicclu [-options] profile_or_cal

       -v level
              Verbosity level 0 - 2 (default = 1)

       -g     Plot slice instead of looking colors up. (Default white to black)

       -G s:L:a:b
              Override plot slice start with Lab or Jab co-ordinate

       -G e:L:a:b
              Override plot slice end with Lab or Jab co-ordinate

       -f function
              f  =  forward,  b  =  backwards, g = gamut, p = preview if = inverted forward, ib =
              inverted backwards

       -i intent
              a = absolute, r = relative colorimetric p = perceptual, s = saturation

       -o order
              n = normal (priority: lut > matrix > monochrome) r = reverse (priority:  monochrome
              > matrix > lut)

       -p oride
              x  =  XYZ_PCS, X = XYZ * 100, l = Lab_PCS, L = LCh, y = Yxy j = CIECAM02 Appearance
              Jab, J = CIECAM02 Appearance JCh

       -s scale
              Scale device range 0.0 - scale rather than 0.0 - 1.0

       -e flag
              Video encode device input as:

       -E flag
              Video decode device output as:

       n      normal 0..1 full range RGB levels (default)

       t      (16-235)/255 "TV" RGB levels

       6      Rec601 YCbCr SD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels

       7      Rec709 1125/60Hz YCbCr HD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels

       5      Rec709 1250/50Hz YCbCr HD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels

       2      Rec2020 YCbCr UHD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels

       C      Rec2020 Constant Luminance YCbCr UHD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels

       -k [zhxrlv]
              Black value target: z = zero K, h = 0.5 K, x = max K, r = ramp K (def.)  l =  extra
              PCS input is portion of K locus v = extra PCS input is K target value

       -k p stle stpo enpo enle shape

              stle:  K  level  at White 0.0 - 1.0 stpo: start point of transition Wh 0.0 - Bk 1.0
              enpo: End point of transition Wh 0.0 - Bk 1.0 enle: K level  at  Black  0.0  -  1.0
              shape: 1.0 = straight, 0.0-1.0 concave, 1.0-2.0 convex

       -k q stle0 stpo0 enpo0 enle0 shape0 stle2 stpo2 enpo2 enle2 shape2

              Transfer extra PCS input to dual curve limits

       -K parameters
              Same as -k, but target is K locus rather than K value itself

       -l tlimit
              set total ink limit, 0 - 400% (estimate by default)

       -L klimit
              set black ink limit, 0 - 100% (estimate by default)

       -a     show actual target values if clipped

       -u     warn if output PCS is outside the spectrum locus

       -m     merge output processing into clut

       -b     use CAM Jab for clipping

       -c viewcond
              set   viewing   conditions  for  CIECAM97s,  either  an  enumerated  choice,  or  a
              parameter:value changes

              pp - Practical Reflection Print (ISO-3664 P2) pe  -  Print  evaluation  environment
              (CIE  116-1995)  pc  -  Critical  print  evaluation  environment (ISO-3664 P1) mt -
              Monitor in typical work environment mb - Bright monitor in bright work  environment
              md  -  Monitor  in darkened work environment jm - Projector in dim environment jd -
              Projector in dark environment tv - Television/Film Studio

              pcd - Photo CD - original scene outdoors

              ob - Original scene - Bright Outdoors cx - Cut Sheet Transparencies  on  a  viewing

              n = auto, a = average, m = dim, d = dark, c = transparency (default average)

              Adapted white point as XYZ (default media white, Abs: D50)

       w:x:y  Adapted white point as x, y

              Adaptation luminance in cd.m^2 (default 50.0)

              Background % of image luminance (default 20)

              Image white in cd.m^2 if surround = auto (default 250)

              Flare light % of image luminance (default 0)

              Flare light % of ambient (default 1)

              Flare color as XYZ (default media white, Abs: D50)

       g:x:y  Flare color as x, y

              The  colors  to  be  translated should be fed into standard in, one input color per
              line, white space separated.  A line starting with a # will be ignored.  A line not
              starting with a number will terminate the program.  Use -v0 for just output colors.