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       libxml - library used to parse XML files


       The libxml library is used to parse XML files.  Its internal document representation is as
       close as possible to the DOM (Document Object Model) interface, an API for  accessing  XML
       or HTML structured documents.

       The  libxml library also has a SAX-like interface, which is designed to be compatible with
       expat(1).  NOTE: SAX, the Simple API for XML, is a standard interface for event-based  XML
       parsing,  developed  collaboratively by the members of the XML-DEV mailing list, currently
       hosted by OASIS.  The expat library is a XML 1.0 parser written in C,  which  aims  to  be
       fully conforming.  It is currently not a validating XML processor.

       The  libxml  library  now includes a nearly complete XPath implementation.  The XPath (XML
       Path Language) is a language for addressing parts of an XML document, designed to be  used
       by both XSLT and XPointer.

       The libxml library exports Push and Pull type parser interfaces for both XML and html.


                             static library

                             shared library

                             binary application for parsing XML files


       Daniel  Veillard  (   Red  Hat  Inc.   Manual  page by Ziying Sherwin
       (, Lister Hill National Center  for  Biomedical  Communications,  U.S.
       National Library of Medicine.


       xmllint(1), libxslt(3), libexslt(3), xsltproc(1)

                                          12 April 2000                                 libxml(3)