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       _devfs_descend -  Descend down a tree using the next component name.


       struct  devfs_entry  *  _devfs_descend  (struct devfs_entry *dir, const
       char *name, int namelen, int *next_pos);


       dir           The directory to search.

       name          The component name to search for.

       namelen       The length of name.

       next_pos      The position of the next ’/’ or ’ ’ is written here.


       Descend into a directory, searching  for  a  component.  This  function
       forms  the  core  of  a  tree-walking  algorithm. The directory will be
       locked.  The devfs entry corresponding to the component is returned. If
       there is no matching entry, NULL is returned.  An implicit devfs_get is
       performed on the returned entry.