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       blk_queue_make_request -  define an alternate make_request function for
       a device


       void blk_queue_make_request (request_queue_t *q, make_request_fn *mfn);


       q             the request queue for the device to be affected

       mfn          the alternate make_request function


       The  normal way for struct buffer_heads to be passed to a device driver
       is for them to be collected into requests on a request queue, and  then
       to allow the device driver to select requests off that queue when it is
       ready.  This works well for many  block  devices.  However  some  block
       devices  (typically  virtual  devices such as md or lvm) do not benefit
       from the processing on the request queue, and are served best by having
       the  requests  passed  directly  to  them.   This  can  be  achieved by
       providing a function to blk_queue_make_request.


       The driver that does this *must* be able  to  deal  appropriately  with
       buffers  in  "highmemory",  either  by  calling bh_kmap to get a kernel
       mapping, to by calling create_bounce  to  create  a  buffer  in  normal