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       devfs_mk_dir -  Create a directory in the devfs namespace.


       devfs_handle_t devfs_mk_dir (devfs_handle_t dir, const char *name, void


       dir          The handle to the parent devfs directory entry. If this is
                   NULL the new name is relative to the root of the devfs.

       name         The name of the entry.

       info          An  arbitrary  pointer  which will be associated with the


       Use of this function is  optional.  The  devfs_register  function  will
       automatically  create intermediate directories as needed. This function
       is provided for efficiency reasons,  as  it  provides  a  handle  to  a
       directory.   Returns  a  handle  which  may  later be used in a call to
       devfs_unregister.  On failure NULL is returned.