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       devfs_register -  Register a device entry.


       devfs_handle_t  devfs_register  (devfs_handle_t  dir, const char *name,
       unsigned int flags, unsigned int major,  unsigned  int  minor,  umode_t
       mode, void *ops, void *info);


       dir          The handle to the parent devfs directory entry. If this is
                   NULL the new name is relative to the root of the devfs.

       name         The name of the entry.

       flags        A set of bitwise-ORed flags (DEVFS_FL_*).

       major        The major number. Not needed for regular files.

       minor        The minor number. Not needed for regular files.

       mode         The default file mode.

       ops          The file_operations or block_device_operations  structure.
                   This must not be externally deallocated.

       info          An  arbitrary  pointer  which  will  be  written  to  the
                   private_data field of the  file  structure  passed  to  the
                   device  driver.  You can set this to whatever you like, and
                   change it once the file is opened  (the  next  file  opened
                   will not see this change).


       Returns a handle which may later be used in a call to devfs_unregister.
       On failure NULL is returned.