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       afs - Introduction to AFS files


       A number of files must reside on the local disk of AFS server and
       client machines. They belong to the following general categories:

       ·   Configuration files define configuration parameters for specific
           server and kernel processes such as the Backup System Tape
           Coordinator or the Cache Manager.

       ·   Administrative files list information used in administration of
           server machines, such as a list of privileged users or server
           encryption keys.

       ·   Cache-related files contain cached data or information about cached
           data, on client machines.

       ·   Log files contain tracing messages about the operation of a
           specific process.

       ·   Database files contain database records used to administer the AFS

       ·   Controller files control the behavior of a process.

       ·   Volume header files represent AFS volumes on server partitions.

       For a description of the format and contents of each file, see its
       reference page.

       Note for Windows users: Some files described in this document possibly
       do not exist on machines that run a Windows operating system. Also,
       Windows uses a backslash (\) rather than a forward slash (/) to
       separate the elements in a pathname.


       Configuration files:

       the BosConfig(5) manpage

       the CellServDB(5) manpage

       the NetInfo(5) manpage

       the NetRestrict(5) manpage

       the ThisCell(5) manpage

       the butc(5) manpage

       the cacheinfo(5) manpage

       the package(5) manpage

       the sysid(5) manpage

       the tapeconfig(5) manpage

       the uss(5) manpage

       the uss_bulk(5) manpage

       Administrative files:

       the KeyFile(5) manpage

       the UserList(5) manpage

       Cache-related files:

       the afs_cache(5) manpage

       Log files:

       the AuthLog(5) manpage

       the BackupLog(5) manpage

       the BosLog(5) manpage

       the FileLog(5) manpage

       the SalvageLog(5) manpage

       the VLLog(5) manpage

       the VolserLog(5) manpage

       the butc(5) manpage

       the fms.log(5) manpage

       Database files:

       the bdb.DB0(5) manpage

       the kaserver.DB0(5) manpage

       the kaserverauxdb(5) manpage

       the prdb.DB0(5) manpage

       the vldb.DB0(5) manpage

       Controller files:

       the FORCESALVAGE(5) manpage

       the NoAuth(5) manpage

       the SALVAGE.fs(5) manpage

       the salvage.lock(5) manpage

       Volume header files:

       the afs_volume_header(5) manpage


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